Finally I will mention that the orchestra was great and the conductor John Baril excellent.  His pacing and his ability to maintain coordination with the stage was almost uncanny.

S. Blake Duncan blakesoperablog August, 2016


Noticeably effective is musical conductor John Baril’s ability to sync the music with the singers. There is not a moment of discord in the entire opera.

Claudia Carbone BlastingNewsTV July, 2016


Baril, the CCO music director, typically conducts each season's "standard" opera, and his artistry cannot be underestimated. His sensitive and intelligent musicianship, and that of his orchestra, are absolutely vital here. Puccini's habit of doubling vocal lines where singers routinely stretch out the rhythm is just one challenging aspect of the score which Baril has totally mastered.

Kelly Dean Hansen Boulder Daily Camera July, 2016


John Baril conducted a stylistically accurate, theatrically vivid account of this thrice-familiar score. The orchestra responded with real fire and commitment. The divisi 'celli were especially vibrant and pulsing with emotion. The clarinet solo work was impeccably haunting. Whether playing soli or tutti, Maestro Baril inspired these fine players to thrilling results. He did on occasion allow soloists to indulge in some held high notes that were long enough to give Corelli pause, but that is a minor consideration. His reading had veristic sweep as well as minute detail.

James Sohre Opera Today July, 2016

The Scarlet Letter

This chorus, which serves, as both the opera's antagonist and its soul, is magnificent, and its preparation is the swan song for John Baril, Opera Colorado's longtime chorus master.  Baril, whose contribution has always been one of the steadiest, most reliable, and excellent aspects of company productions, has resigned the position to pursue other opportunities. - The Scarlet Letter

Kelly Dean Hansen Boulder Daily Camera May, 2016

Romeo et Juliette

Against this luscious setting played the crystalline tones of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, led with a deft baton by Conductor John Baril.  Smoothly transitioning from the exuberant staccatos of Act I to the languorous romantic melodies of Acts II and V, the orchestra perfectly prepared the singers for musical excellence.  And that, certainly, was achieved.

Michael Poandl DC Metro Theatre Arts February, 2016

Romeo et Juliette

 ...and of conductor John Baril, whose pacing offered both dramatic excitement and vocal space.  The orchestra may have managed just a tentative-sounding overture, but the players gathered their forces, found some of the sharp-edged atacks and the color that had been missing at the beginning and provided a vivid soundscape for the rest of the evening.

Joan Reinthaler Washington Post February, 2016

La Traviata

In the pit, John Baril led an outstanding orchestra, maintaining a steady beat....

Marc Shulgold Opera November, 2015

La Traviata

[Music Director and] conductor John Baril provided fine support in the pit.

Kyle MacMillan Opera News October, 2015

La Traviata

The orchestra played beautifully under Baril's direction: supportive, precise, never overshadowing the singers.

Peter Alexander Boulder Weekly July, 2015