La Boheme

Conductor John Baril led a firm, convincing performance...

Peter Alexander Boulder Weekly July, 2012

La Boheme

Everyone was beautifully supported by the John Baril-led pit orchestra....the principal voices and orchestral sounds from this timeless tale of love and loss were glorious.

David Sckolnik July, 2012

La Boheme

Conductor John Baril does a fine job with the orchestra, creating a seamless blend of sound at a moderately brisk pace...

rgz Opera Lively July, 2012

La Boheme

Maestro John Baril leads the Festival Orchestra in a primo rendition.

Bob Bows July, 2012

La Boheme

(Under Baril) the Central City Opera Orchestra has never sounded more full or luscious.

David Marlowe Marlowe's Musings July, 2012

La Boheme

Music Director John Baril had a keen sense of flow throughout, really shaping each act into a complete musical entity.  The orchestra  provided a sonic reflection of the atmosphere on stage, as in those coldly plucked strings and "shivering" tremolos at the beginning of Act III.

Kelly Dean Hansen The Boulder Daily Camera July, 2012

Le Nozze di Figaro

It may have been Mozartean business as usual onstage, but such was hardly the case in the pit.  For the first time in nearly three decades, Opera Colorado did not employ the Colorado Symphony, due largely to a financial crisis that threatened the orchestra last year.  Opera Colorado and its board opted to hire a freelance ensemble – a switch that turned out to be hardly noticeable.  In his podium debut, John Baril, the company’s chorus director, led a solid, well-prepared orchestra in a spirited, polished performance.

Marc Shulgold Opera News April, 2012

Le Nozze di Figaro

John Baril and the Opera Colorado orchestra deliver an impressive rendition of the complex score.

Bob Bows February, 2012

Le Nozze di Figaro

John Baril displays the great clarity and charm of the score.  Tempos were lively, but never pushed to uncomfortable speeds, and slower arias were given their full breadth without ever becoming heavy, slow or marmoreal. Clarity between strings and woodwinds was exemplary.

Susan Hall Berkshire Fine Arts February, 2012

Le nozze di Figaro

The final part that matters in this work is played by the musicians and they performed it well under John Baril. But here too, balance ruled the evening. Voices and instruments connected as the performance continued. The chemistry was solid and extended throughout the hall, even into the audience.

Denver Post February, 2012